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About the blog


blog.bizyouridea.com was founded by Radu Jitaru in the year 2017 with the intention to spread financial planning awareness. The blog is part of a broader project that also includes bizyouridea.com, a do-it-yourself platform where young entrepreneurs can create #pitch decks, #business plans and #financial models.

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The blog includes articles on various topics related to entrepreneurship, financial modeling, business planning, VC world news.

What We Do? How We Got Here

Radu has accumulated over 15 years of experience in corporate finance, training, banking, and credit risk management.

Passionate about economics, financial education, and corporate finance, Radu is involved in several professional projects: he is CEO of the consulting firm Andersen Finance, a partner in the consulting firm StartUpScale 360 from Dubai, trainer, and occasional speaker at international conferences on finance, start-ups, venture/angel equity, etc. In the banking field, he held numerous positions in credit risk management, financial analysis, financial modeling, restructuring, etc. He considers business analysis as a personal area of professional expertise.

Radu specializes in drawing up business plans, pitch decks, financial models, valuations, especially for start-ups. His clients managed to translate their ideas into viable businesses; the financing attracted with Radu’s support being $ 25 + million. In the same spirit, Radu developed the platform bizyouridea.com where users can create their financing documents or make financial projections.

After graduating from the FABBV faculty (Finance, Insurance Banks, and Stock Exchanges) within ASE Bucharest, Radu completed the master’s program “MS-Bank – management of banking systems.”