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About the blog: Cultivating Financial Literacy and Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

In 2017, Radu Jitaru established with the aim of promoting financial planning awareness. This blog is part of a larger project that encompasses, an interactive platform designed for aspiring young entrepreneurs to develop #pitch decks, #business plans, and #financial models.

The blog covers a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship, financial modeling, business planning, and updates on the world of venture capital.

Radu Jitaru has gained over 15 years of expertise in corporate finance, training, banking, and credit risk management. With a deep passion for economics, financial education, and corporate finance, he actively engages in multiple professional ventures. Radu serves as the CEO of the consulting firm Andersen Finance, a partner at the consulting firm StartUpScale 360 in Dubai, and frequently acts as a trainer and speaker at international conferences focused on finance, startups, venture/angel equity, and related subjects. He has held various positions in the banking sector, including credit risk management, financial analysis, financial modeling, and restructuring, making business analysis his personal area of expertise.

Radu specializes in creating business plans, pitch decks, financial models, and valuations, particularly for startups. With Radu’s assistance, his clients have successfully transformed their ideas into viable businesses, attracting over $25 million in financing. In line with his mission, Radu developed the platform, which empowers users to generate their own financing documents and make financial projections.

Radu completed his education at the FABBV faculty (Finance, Insurance Banks, and Stock Exchanges) within ASE Bucharest. Furthermore, he pursued a master’s program in “MS-Bank – management of banking systems